Anti-Bullying Programs and Martial Arts

One of societies highest discussed topics in the nation is bullying. Were you aware that Up to 25 percent of kids are bullied, yet only a quarter-to-a-half of those actually tell their parents when they are being bullied. Bullying in schools is a nationwide epidemic that can have several negative outcomes for the school itself as well as the students rights to learn in a safe environment without fear and is sometimes not taken serious enough until it is too late.

Bullying is a serious problem that can dramatically modify the ability of children in most aspects including academically and socially. For many years parents believed that bullying was a normal part of childhood and it was overlooked by many and even so today. Students who engage in bullying behaviors feed off the satisfaction from causing injury and suffering on others and they have very little empathy on their victims. Shocking bullying facts show that bullies come from broken homes where physical punishment is often were and used parental warmth and involvement are lacking so they yearn to feel the control and power.

The most common types of bullying are physical and verbal and is usually initiated by one or more students. With the extent of the problem steadily increasing through elementary years then works it way up through junior high. Reports show that direct physical assault decreases with age. abuse remains constant, however. Students who are victims of bullying are typically very insecure, suffer from low self esteem and are often socially isolated. Long term effects of these types of bullying are horrific and in some cases suicide is the outcome.

There are many ways we can help our children when the situations do arise and how to be prepared for it. While keeping in mind that violence is NOT the answer what comes into play is SELF DEFENSE. The most important thing a parent can do is open communication. Making time to talk and listen to your children is a form of awareness in itself. (You can discover programs at Ask simple questions such as “how do you feel at school? “, “how was the bus ride home? “are the other kids treating you nicely” questions like these will help your child feel confident in being able to tell you when something is wrong without experiencing the fear of what will happen if they tell. This will help you as a parent understand what action you will need to take whether it being approaching the school administration or taking the next teaching and step your child to be more assertive and aware.

Furthermore,with this in mind you can look into programs such as Mixed Martial Arts. Learn many ways to set boundaries before bullying begins. ANTI-BULLYING programs have a positive curriculum that teaches your child how to protect themselves. The programs will cover the areas of verbal self defense and how and when to apply physical self defense.

Knowing the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can give your child the necessary tools to fight off a bully if needed. It is considered to be a nonviolent form of self-defense and several techniques such as locks and holds can be used to stop a bigger or stronger kid and is also one the gentle forms of martial arts because it allows you to use technique without harming the other in any strong violent nature but just enough to let the bully know your in control.

In conclusion to this, A parents worse fear is harm being done to their child. We all love our children and they should not have to deal with these types of abuse as a child and more so, even have to deal with it in school while they are trying to earn a education and live happy. assertiveness and communication, confidence and awareness can be your main tool on whether or not you can halter the bullying.